Needing Christmas

You need this baby born in the midst of a pandemic, a teetering government, an angry mob, unstable economy, in a smelly corner of the house. You need this child to come. This sinless one. You need him to succeed. You need a new man to be born who won’t let you down. You need someone to be a hero with no skeletons in the closet. You need some way to make up for all the shit you have swept under the carpet; the porn, the jealousy, the cheating and the greed. You need a cure to this disease. You need a Savior to do it all for you. This year you need Christmas to happen. With shepherds, prostitutes, tax collectors, mourning widows and smelly bums you have no choice but to cry, “Hosanna, Hosanna, Save us.”

You used to love Christmas. But now you need it.

Sermon by Joel Hess:

Excerpt from “Some People Love Christmas, Some People Need It” by Joel Hess