Weary of Pleasing All of Your Gods?

This past week we witnessed the culmination of western civilization in the illogical, saccharine, and just plain asinine prayer fittingly commencing another year of inmates running the asylum. Many rightfully lampooned his inane sacrifice of grammar to the gods of “everyone is a sexist instead of me” by adding “awomen” after amen. However, that was just the last trickle of an even stinkier stream of silliness that dumped from his warped brain.

The poor former pastor pledged obedience to every possible god in the room out of fear of offending or maybe hoping to appease in order to obtain some sort of divine grace.  Like the Greeks on Mars Hill, whom St. Paul encountered, Cleaver burned some grain to every known deity including the unknown god just to be safe.  

Even if you thought all this religious god stuff was a bunch of malarkey (I would respect you more than “coexist” people if you did), no one in their right mind after listening to the claims of every religion could conclude that they are all the same.  Unless, of course, you were desiring to form your own religion. Then you can do whatever you want! 

But let’s cut through the ridiculousness of many in our society who seem incapable of talking about biology, history, or common sense.  These nonsensical oblations are actually very sad. Minions like Cleaver truly want everyone to be happy! At least they think they do. When Cleaver came to the end of his prayer, he was frightened of offending. So instead of saying Jesus or one particular God, he needed to acknowledge all gods in some way. Just as he couldn’t simply say amen, but had to make the womenfolk happy. (Most of the new ones are republicans and don’t fit his narrative ironically.)

It must get tiring, pleasing all these gods. Whether it is the god of political correctness, everyone’s a racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., the god of income disparity, the god of wokeness, and all the other gods that watch your every move and will come down hard if you fail to give them praise.  It is sad to see people chasing down righteousness for themselves and either becoming a self righteous ass or despairing as the perfect unoffensive life slips away every time they approach it like a mirage in the desert.

For a society that increasingly mocks religion, it has become victorian religious! Too bad this poor preacher doesn’t know that there is a difference between Jesus and Brahma. He could have talked about grace to law obsessed lawmakers. Instead of the cold gods of political correctness and all other religions, he could have talked about forgiveness, blood on a cross, and a resurrection.  He could have given this good news to everyone, black or white, feminist or conservative, environmentalist, atheist, fundamentalist, Muslim, Hindu, Republican and Democrat. All these people striving and failing at righteousness could have been given rest in the righteousness of Jesus!