Preaching While the World is Ending

Have you ever considered how very near the end may be? Looking around at our angry country, our broken homes, the meaninglessness in our lives, it must be close to the Final Day. The Word of God has much to say to us as we endure to the end. In the middle of it all, our preachers are given to speak comfort in the only true Savior of this entire mess.

Ringside Preachers and Craft of Preaching are traveling from all over the country to Fort Wayne, Indiana today. They have gathered to host a Podcast Symposium to broadcast to pastors and proclaimers everywhere. Here, professors and theologians will discuss and offer words of hope and encouragement for pastors who attempt to shepherd their people during these unsteady times, exploring the theme “Preaching While the World is Ending.”

Check out this special Ringside Podcast series “In the Ring” for the next couple of days on FACEBOOK LIVE. This link will take you to each live podcast as it occurs:

Monday 7pm (est): Ringside Live in the Bar

Tuesday 9am (est): Dr. John Pless

Tuesday 2pm (est): Dr: Jeff Pulse

Wednesday (tbd): Dr. James Voelz

Wednesday (tbd): Dr. Arthur Just

Also take a listen to our last gathering in St. Louis, MO “In the Ring: Preaching During Crisis