Revolutionary NEW Ministry Program

Have you noticed that your church membership is declining? Is that line graph plunging lower and lower year after year? Do you want to engage the youth, as well as continue to retain your current members? We have the solution for you! You may have heard of Small Group Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Family Ministry, but have you heard of Large Group Ministry? No? Let us here at the Jagged Word help. You do NOT want to miss this! 

Large Group Ministry is an exciting new ministry model meant to build off Small Group Ministry. There are several key components for a successful Large Group Ministry to take off and sustain long-term growth, so get ready. Your pews will be filled in no time! Might as well start a capital campaign, you’re going to need a larger sanctuary after you implement this at your church. So, get out that notebook, and make sure you take notes as you begin this new chapter for your church! You will not regret it.

So, what is Large Group Ministry? We have broken it down into seven (the perfect number) “pillars.” 

  1. Everyone in your church gets together. 
  2. Meet for a dedicated time to remind one another that you suck, but that God loves you anyway.  
  3. Read 2-3 passages from the Bible out loud. 
  4. Choose someone to lead the group in reflection, instruction, pointing out what God is doing in the text. 
  5. Pray together for one another’s needs. 
  6. Have a meal.
  7. Sing Christian songs. 

Do this on the same day, every week, and never stop. Not for rain, not for snow, not for a pandemic, or a government take over. If you’re feeling ambitious, consecrate a sacred space that is dedicated to Large Group Ministry. Be creative, hang some pretty decorations, banners, colors that coincide with different meanings. Have a special table that is central where you have your meal as well as a place for the leader to speak from. Get into a cyclical pattern so that it is part of your weekly habit. Immerse yourself into your Large Group and become part of the community. You won’t regret it! So, if you want your church to grow, you won’t want to wait to start a Large Group Ministry! Go all-in on Large Group Ministries today!