Listen to See

“The sun is out,” she touched the arm of her friend. Dorothy lost her sight over time. It had been 10 years. Fortunately she had been placed in an assisted living home with a helpful young worker, Rosie. 

“There’s a cardinal carefully perched on the thinnest branch of our apple tree. Ah, her blander companion swooped in. Off they go.”

Dorothy listened silently to her description. She saw it all. The reds and blues, soft feathers, and smooth bark.  She smelled it, too. 

Rosie thought she had fallen asleep. She kissed her on the forehead, touched her hand and sang, “children of the heavenly father, safely in His bosom gather…”

Dorothy saw that too. She saw a cross and loving Savior. She saw the empty tomb. She saw the resurrection, the new heaven and new earth. Rosie’s words opened her eyes to that too. What would she do without her friend.

That night Dorothy died. That night Dorothy awoke and saw it all. 

When Rosie learned of it, she was watching Jeopardy in her cozy Lazy boy. Her now ex-husband had just signed their divorce papers. He had left her a year ago for some younger woman. Her 2-year-old was crying in his bedroom. She didn’t know what the future held.

Her friend called with the bad news. “Rosie, Dorothy died tonight.” Strangely she had come to love the old woman like family. She felt alone.

She didn’t respond right away. “Rosie!” her friend repeated. She just cried. 

“Rosie, it will be alright. She’s with the Lord.”

“I know. But I needed her.”

“God loves you, friend,” her friend gently reminded her. “I’m here. Dorothy is standing on those golden streets. Holding Jesus’ pierced hand. Watching those birds. You’ll see her again. God’s got you too!”

She listened carefully to her friend’s words. Every one. She saw it all.