Beg for the Light

Hollow night. Where the ear is dead, and electric eyes won’t sleep. The reverberations. Pound. Screech. Across the street. His evening power saw tearing up that pretty ranch home. But I can’t see what’s happening out there.

Fingers buzz, and ache. Stiff under a flannel blanket. Protected from the harsh black breeze, and suffocating, bearing the expectation of stillness. Because you’re supposed to stay still, what can you really do, in the dark.

Where the nothing lights up, the spirits of the forgotten. Or of the repressed. Demons scratching the insides of a resting brain, so you cannot rest. Sparking and stabbing. So you have to think about the minutes that were savagely buried. Enlightened. At 3 am.

Behold, the man. The woman. There is no escape here in the darkness. Illusions of grandeur sparkle in the sunshine. Absence won’t claim answer nor justice, since here your watchful sight can’t be fooled. You fool. You see.

Precious treasure. Darkened shadows. Paralyzed and mute. Unhearing, unknowing, unable. Gold and diamonds, disguised in ashes. Crusted rusted necklace passed from each insatiable generation. Collar and chain. Mid-nightly prison. Where you inherit the nothing, which is the beginning, of everything.

Behold. The man. His hollow hand. His silent night. Space between the blood and the bone. The mother and child. The filth and breath. 

The empty.

The slain.

Beautiful magnificent darkness,

Silence strips and scourges

So you beg for the Light.