Thankful For the Smoke That Rises, a “Battle Chaps” Prayer

God Who Provides,

Sunday is a sacred day for us here. Our schedule provides a reprieve from the day to day tasks that fill our week. A little extra sleep today and the opportunity to unwind before diving headfirst into another week of service and duty.

For Your faithful provision this past week, we bless Your name. For the sustenance and shelter and good company we enjoyed, we give You praise. 

In the bounty that is Sunday brunch, we are well-fed in the company of shipmates and friends. May our newly embarked Team feel welcomed here onboard Gridley.

Simple gifts are always worthy of being thankful for. Like good food, a relaxed POD, fun times at Trivia Night and even today’s International Pipe Smoking Day. As smoke rises from our deck, remind us to pause and enjoy the simple moments in life, like good friends and conversation.

We give you thanks, O Lord, for the week that was and for the day that is, and for tomorrow that is yet to come.

Your care for us is evident in both the great things and the small. 

May we express gratitude for them all, trusting in Your never ending faithfulness.


Rev. Ross Engel is an active duty Navy Chaplain currently deployed on the U.S.S Gridley. The sailors endearingly call him “Battle Chaps,” enjoying pipes and cigars over conversation on the ship. A note from Ross: I included International Pipe Smoking Day in my prayer over the ship’s microphone on Sunday and then managed to smoke 4 bowls on Sunday afternoon. I hope you all are well!