Heaven’s Sickening Seed

Sweet song of heaven calls from above
Weighting freighting the glorious clouds
Soaring out pouring out she tastes the sky
Ambitiously swallowed that deep song of love

Clouds remain still unmoved untouched
Majestic impressionistic Mighty Fortress
Proudly loudly the meter resounds
Vexed soil and breath reach out to clutch

Swooping wind on the in-between
Descending diving back to our dust
Chewing up spewing up that seed from beyond
Nauseous digesting the real from dream

It lands
He plants
Takes root
Springs forth

Tender green shoots in her nest of thorns
Tangling strangling the valley of shadows
Breathing relieving a bone brittle heart
Whispers the rosebud, a song of love born

Sunshine stands mocking the garden abiding
Restraining and raining with Icarus tears
Envisioned imprisoned by demons and angels
Feathers stained red where heart-break is hiding

Contradictions infest what the little bird knows
Flying and trying to settle in vapors
Crying and lying in sackcloth below
Song of love sung, the sickening seed grows

It plants
Takes root
He dies
She lands