St. James is God’s Stained Glass Window

Most people who enter our sanctuary immediately find themselves gazing at the beautiful stained-glass windows. In fact, since we have repaired and refurbished them, many have visited because of them. Obviously, they are amazing works of art, but the story their images tell is even more magnificent. They tell the story of love and hope in Jesus Christ.

Yet Christ has produced an even greater and more effective window at 2050 N. Fremont St. – you. You have been refurbished, better than that, reborn into His image. You have been washed of all your sins in the blood of Jesus, in holy baptism. You have been decorated with His story. You have been adopted into His story. And His story is a real fairy tale. A real rom-com where the protagonist chases down his runaway bride. We are living testimonies that tragedies can turn into “happily ever afters”. 

St. James is a living window filled with light in a city that can feel like a cave. To be honest though, I need that light shining on me too. I get lost, I get pompous, I screw up, I am afraid. I need to see those windows all the time. I need correction and I need mercy. That’s why Jesus tells us to gather regularly, listen to His vision of things through the mouth of the preacher, eat and drink the foretaste of the feast to come, and carry each other’s burdens. That’s why we have church services. 

Christians need those windows just as much as anyone. Christians need to hear forgiveness and hope, too.