Finding Ourselves with a Telescope

We pointed the cylinder up and out

Squinting into the universe

Straining our cataract eyes

Looking backward to look forward

To find our beginning in the past

Isn’t it strange how long it takes for light to travel

How long it takes for tears to dry

How long it takes for hardships to be forgotten?

Yet a star appears

In the blink of an eye

The speed of light

It’s all relative

As a summer romance evolves to a ring

And a kiss

And three sons

Who disappear into their own lives

Only to gather the next moment

Around a hole to say goodbye

But there is another light

Beaming from a grave centuries ago

To see a new beginning in the past

In a star not already dead

I am the Alpha and the Omega

The nursery of the suns

The closing of the wrinkled eyelids

And opening of the eyes

Of the once dead son

So let us look back

To see our beginning

In the face

Of the resurrected one.