3 Ways to Stop Worry

1. Jesus said to stop worrying. There, feel better? Maybe not. But listen to that sentence again. JESUS said to stop worrying. Do you remember when you were seven, scared about the tornado warnings and your mom/dad/grandma told you; don’t worry? You actually believed them because you thought they knew everything. Of course, as you became an adult you realized that they were actually worried themselves but didn’t want to frighten you. It worked because you trusted them. Well, who is telling you not to worry? It’s the One who has died and risen for you. He conquered the grave literally, historically, factually. If He says don’t worry, you can take it to the bank. He has a great track record of backing up promises.

2. Jesus said that you have greater value to God than birds or grass. While you are feverishly planning and number crunching, scheming and investing, a robin wakes up in the morning and finds a worm. A flower blooms without trying. God gives life. God makes things out of nothing. God will take care of you. He loves you, even as a doubting, miserly, hoarding, selfish son-of-a-gun. Don’t believe it? His Son didn’t die for your loving dog, He died for you! He will provide even your resurrection!

3. Jesus said to replace obsessing over food and clothing with obsessing over God’s Kingdom. Well, He literally said stop seeking after food and clothing. Instead, seek God’s Kingdom and food and clothing will follow. What He means is, to take the focus on your health, your investments, your career, your future, and replace them with what God has done, is doing, and will do. That’s what Kingdom means. Stop staring at what you are doing or not doing, how you have failed, how you need to do better, how you need to plan better, and how you need to be better, or else it’s all going to fall apart. Instead, look at what God has done. He sent His Son to die and rise for you. He has given you the Kingdom, and welcomed you back into His home through baptism. Look at what He is doing. Surrounding you with His people (the church), feeding you with a holy meal, and confirming His promise to you in bread and wine. Look at what He will do. He will forgive. He will raise you up. You will be ok.

We worry when we are not certain about the future. Friend, your future is certain. You have been tagged with His promise in baptism. He confirms His promise to you in communion every Sunday. Now enjoy the day, your life, and even your challenges!