Typical Poem

Blank screen softly glow

Imprint my thoughts if they would flow

Locked behind my aching eyes

Ideas are swirling like the snow

Fingers frozen even though

Words are screaming deep inside


Type a key, delete a few

Scrape together today’s review

And I know it doesn’t matter

Painful happy words undo

Harsh and loving words renew

But my words only flatter


Keep it real, make them hear

But is it really loud and clear?

My silly word is mute, and still…

Garden, death, curb and mirror,

Repent and love, trust and fear,

The word of God will surely kill


I cannot do what You call right

I cannot see your guiding light

So, our Father killed our Brother

But He stood up in Satan’s night

Awoke from death, and won the fight.

And gives life to another;


Writer’s block, my dear friend

You remind me even again

From where our good words come

As these words stumble to the end

Make known Your mercy by my pen

Blah blah blah

Don’t listen to