Anonymous Gifts

It is wonderful to receive an anonymous gift. I have been humbled by various generous people who decided to give large gifts to the Church and did not want their names to be mentioned at all. There might be a number of reasons for this. Some people simply don’t like to have attention to themselves. Others believe it’s a sign of pride. And others believe that their gift is only a reflection of God’s generosity towards them. It’s all God’s.  Probably the anonymous donor has all of these three motivations running through their brain.

While we should probably strive to be anonymous donors, God does not. Not because He’s egotistical. He’s just truthful. He is the ultimate giver. There is no one giving to Him. He does it completely out of His generosity. No other motivation. He loves you for some reason. Even though we may make it increasingly more difficult to understand!

Sadly many people live lives thinking that there is some anonymous donor out there. They don’t know him. Or maybe they refuse to name him. Everything to them just happens by chance. The good and the bad. Random fate. 

Every day they wake up and wonder not much different than their pet doodle, “how’d this get here?” 

For sure, it is healthy and wise to be grateful. Gratefulness humbles you, puts things into perspective, and changes your outlook on others and life. But if you don’t know who to be thankful to? It’s like receiving flowers from an admirer but the story never evolves to being introduced. What’s the point.

But imagine knowing the anonymous friend, let alone spouse! Learning her name, her story, her personality and plans. So this thanksgiving don’t sacrifice your turkey to the unknown god. You know who gave that poultry to you. Let alone those friends, family, and even that Trumpster, Uncle Brad.

This Thanksgiving, name names! You know the one who cares for you. You have literally felt the fresh waters of His grace. You have tasted the sweet wine of his forgiveness. You know your benefactor intimately. You’ve been through the trenches with him on the cross and empty tomb, and in your own struggles.

Like the one Leper who returned, you know who loves you! Therefore you know it isn’t fate or chance. He will provide for you tomorrow just like He did today. Give thanks.

And tell those poor peasants wandering around in the darkness trying to make sense of the ups and downs of life, there is a God and He is for you in Christ!