Progress is Not My Hope

We preach Christ Crucified.

At work, school, and life we judge ourselves by our progress and improvements.  We look for increases in knowledge, strength, and wisdom. And surely we may see it from infancy to a 42-year-old captain of industry. Do you believe you are better than you were 10 years ago in many ways?  Or maybe you feel you are worse in many ways. As Socrates observed, the older we get the more we realize how little we know!

While we certainly may grow in our knowledge of God, we never leave the beginning of our fundamental relationship with God. We never move beyond the Gospel. We never stop needing His grace and forgiveness. We never progress past Christ crucified for us. We never outgrow the baptismal gown He first gave us. He is forever our complete righteousness and salvation. There is no next stage of faith – until the resurrection when we will see Him face to face.

So Paul declares in 1 Corinthians, “We preach Christ crucified.” He wasn’t talking to non-Christians or newly converted. He was reminding the Corinthian church that was still the Good News for them! 

Quite honestly, as a person matures in the faith, she ironically discovers her lack of maturity and need for a savior. At the end of your years, you will not marvel at your growth in faith and righteousness, but you will be overwhelmed at Christ’s faithfulness, mercy, and love for you!

Do not be disheartened by your weakness and lack of progress. Be honest about it, try your best to love God and love others. But your hope is not in your progress! From the cradle to the grave, our hope completely falls on Christ! He gladly is our righteousness, redemption, sanctification, and salvation. This is truly living in the light.