Self Reflection

Self reflection might kill you

If you stay too long.

We all know the voice inside that want to be right.

Who deadens nerves and eardrums and hands

When you have to listen to your self-inflicted quiet self.

Who feels. Who wants. Who searches.

Who wants to make you right

But sometimes makes you sick

To yourself.

But sometimes you have to go in.

To see where you are

Wrong or right

more or less 

Big or small

truth or lie

Sometimes you have to go in.

But you’ll only find one

In self reflection

The selfish one-sided.

What else would your one-self voice be?

And you have to choose your self-god-love

You have to choose death

When left to yourself.

It’s already been done

for you.

Self reflection will kill you.

Your self must find a friend.

One that will fight you, enlighten your blindness

One to remind you, you’re not by yourself

One who will hurt you, as your self dies to win

One who will make you admit

you don’t know you’re wrong

you don’t know what’s right

you don’t know your self

at all

Then you might have a chance

To come back from inside

To learn and to listen and to want

More than yourself.

Some might call it new life 

Today’s death to desire

I might call it walking

Raised up and now moving



Not inside.


A friend has been found.


For your self.

But you have hurt him with your wonderings and wanderings

The voice that contended with your own

And he has hurt you with words you wouldn’t hear

The voice that had to submit you to shame


Cherished, the voice that forgave you into the outside

The voice that fought for you to make it out, alive

The voice your self didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t be able to find 

By your self

Who was

The only answer

To survive

Self reflection