Near Death Experience?

There are a lot of books out there written by people who claim to have died on the operating table. Usually, their death was about 2 minutes. They vividly remember meeting loved ones, seeing Jesus, angels, etc.  They come back with a lesson learned or a message for the living. These stories are definitely fascinating. Though they are hard to vouch for. Did they really die? Are we sure this wasn’t a reactionary function in the brain? Who knows.

While Lazarus didn’t write a book and sell it to Hollywood, he definitely died and came back to life. He wasn’t dead for a questionable amount of time. He was beginning to decay after 4 days in the tomb! Jesus raised him up using only His words, “Lazarus, come out!” Jesus’ words have power. But then as Lazarus was standing up, his whole body tightly wrapped with cloths, Jesus said, “Unbind him and let him go!”  More of Jesus’ words that have power.

Lazarus was unbound not just of the cloths, but of death and the fear of death.  After that, he probably was a lot less scared of death. He was probably also a lot less scared of his sins. How free do you think he felt?!  Lazarus surely suffered the challenges of life later on, but he likely enjoyed the light of certain hope! He was certainly unbound and free to go and LIVE.

Did you know that you have had a death experience? St. Paul tells us that when were baptized in Christ we died and rose with Him. Through baptism, we are united in his death and resurrection. The old you, the sinful you, has been crucified. The new you has been raised up to live today. You have been unbound from your past. You have been unbound from your destiny of death and condemnation. You have been set free from worrying about your sins, death, and hell.

You no longer need to live just to survive, to get by, to desperately cling to temporary things. You don’t have to live by the dooming slogan, “YOLO.” You will rise again. So go, live! Remember that every morning.