Saturday Rest

It is Saturday. It used to be the Sabbath day of rest, the day God rested after completing creation, and now rests after completing salvation for all.  With Jesus’ words at the end of the sixth day, “It is finished,” he creates an everyday rest. You can rest now. All that needs to be done for you to enjoy a peaceful life and a bright future has been done by Jesus. It’s ok to rest.  

There is nowhere Christ’s rest does not reach, even the tomb, even death. Joseph of Arimethea thought he was offering a kind gesture toward Jesus by letting him occupy his tomb. Yet Christ changed that tomb forever. Jesus gave Joseph and gives us His tomb where people don’t stay dead but leave alive. He rose again from it. He turned death into life in it. Jesus has turned this den of death into a place of hope!  

Christ has laid in all our tombs and changed them forever. Our burial places are now places where where we too will see it’s occupant rise again. So today, rest and rejoice.