The Jagged Word was born out of a general distrust of bureaucracy and an unreasonable desire to make pietists uncomfortable. Other groups that offer insight and commentary on the church and our world seem to default to positions driven by fear that limits our conversation and participation. The academics fear the institutes of higher learning that employ them, driving their honest conversations behind closed doors. Our pastors fear reprisals from the various subgroups with which they’ve aligned themselves (contemporary, traditional, missional, confessional, etc.); they fear being alone and therefore toe the party line.

In opposition to all of this, The Jagged Word is focusing on the freedom found in Christ crucified for us. Our concern isn’t with toeing the line or satisfying those locked away in the ivory towers. We are only interested in the proclamation of freedom in Christ alone. So whether we are discussing generational distinctions or political positions or church fellowship matters, the end we drive toward and from which we are given the strength to begin, is a Word that kills and makes alive.

All the authors are given the freedom to write about topics as they see fit. They have been asked to write from a particular starting point or focus of our encounters in this world, but they have never been censored or told to stay in one corner of the box.

Along the way, we have found that we are not alone. We’ve found that people like you are unsatisfied with tired practices that focus on everything but the actual handing over of the goods. Your participation in this blog from reading the posts, to sharing them with your friends and family, to commenting and joining the conversation is making The Jagged Word hard to ignore.

Together we are making this whole endeavor something more than just some friends writing a blog to have some fun. Together we are having conversations that matter, conversations that fear always wants to keep silent and we’re glad you’ve joined us and hope you’ll add your voices to ours.

Email: thejaggedword@gmail.com