There are moments when the things my children say take me totally off guard. Listening to the sweet little voices coming from their young mouths yet hearing something totally unexpected and shocking. Most of these times it gives me opportunity to reflect on my parenting and try to discover where they learned such a thing. Sometimes we all need a little gut-check upon realizing how our children are piecing together the world. For me, today was that very occasion.

By Cindy Koch

Veteran parents confirm one of the greatest fears I have as a mother. To be sure, there are many fears that come along with the care of our own little ones. Mostly immediate, are they healthy and polite? Are they on track to graduate and behaving when you are not around? Will they be successful and prosperous? We put in decades of work, money, and sacrifice so that our children will grow up well, whatever that means. But there is a pit in the depth of my heart that the most important thing will turn out badly. And the tears of the mothers and fathers walking this path—sometimes years ahead of me—trickle back to my steps today.