By Paul Koch

Over the years I have read quite a bit about the influence of Scientific Management in our schools, corporations and military but I had never really thought much about its influence in the church. Scientific Management views efficiency as the highest good. So if you want a good and well-oiled society the best way to get it is to engineer it to be as efficient as possible. Schools need to track students and guide them to fill a specific role in society and so people are viewed as part of a machine, each providing a crucial piece and working with the highest efficiency. Such things don’t happen by chance; they need to be scientifically managed to reach the best outcome.

By Joel A. Hess

Although it has died down since the Donald took office, many prominent Christians and Christian organizations have been on a crusade to preserve the First Amendment in this country. No doubt, it has been under assault over the last 10 years as Hollywood and despotic judges have been on a Marxist-like campaign to force businesses, individuals and even churches to conform to their new puritanical morality concerning same-sex relationships, abortion, contraception, etc. Recently, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod established an office in Washington to join their much bigger cousin’s campaign.