There are two types of spaghetti eaters in this world: those who toss their pasta in the sauce, ensuring a nice even coating all the way through, while still allowing the pasta to shine and form the foundation of the dish, and those who smother their pasta so you can’t even see the noodles, which are nothing more than a convenient vessel with which to move said delicious sauce into your mouth. There are also those weirdos who skip the sauce altogether and just eat butter noodles (you know who you are!), but they are basically akin to the kid who sits in the back of class eating glue all day, so we’re not going to bother with them at the moment. 

There can be no off days. There are no times when a preacher can just mail it in, saying, “I’ve covered this all before. I’ve said it all before. Perhaps this once, we’ll do something different. Perhaps, this Sunday I will take the opportunity to lay out a vision for the future of this congregation. Perhaps, this time I will get creative and show my prowess for finding the hidden connections of a particular text and how they matrix with the greater Scriptures. Perhaps, I won’t worry so much proclaiming the Word. Just this once, I won’t focus so much on the distinction of Law and Gospel and instead I’ll give some good lessons for reading the Word at home.”

He had not seen his brother in a long time. To be honest, I doubt either of them really regretted the time which had slipped away between them. When they parted it was not exactly on the best of terms. Jacob and his twin brother Esau had a relationship bound up in turmoil and adversity form the very beginning. There was betrayal and fear and stolen birthrights. No doubt there was envy and bitterness and a father’s heart which broke for his sons.