By Paul Nelson

Last week, you made the pisco sour, a drink that utilizes the white of an egg to create a thick, foamy topping on the drink. Technically, the pisco sour qualifies as a flip, a variety of mixed drink that utilizes all or part of an egg. The term flip is a bartending adjective dating back to the mid-19th century, and there are any number of variations because there are all sorts of potential liquors to work with. The egg adds thickness and creaminess to the drink.

By Paul Koch

Hold this drink for a second while I climb up on my soap box. Thanks.

We’ve all done it. I know I’ve done it more than my fair share, but I’m trying to stop. You see, I’ve grown increasingly more hostile to the whole notion driving the phenomena. I’m developing a sort of repulsive reaction to it that fills me with a desire to punch the perpetrator in the mouth.

By Paul Nelson

The Harvey Wallbanger was popularized in the disco era along with other drinks that were sweet, colorful, easy to make, and easy to drink. According to tradition, it originated in the Los Angeles area in the 1950s, named after a surfer with the last name Harvey. You might meet people who poo-poo the drink because of the era it was popularized in or because the flavors are basic and anything but subtle. Lots of people have opinions about drinks. Ignore them. Don’t apologize for what you like to drink or what the people you’re making drinks for like to drink. If it isn’t cool, hip, organic, or whatever, get over it. Sometimes being a rebel and standing out from the crowd simply means continuing to do what others have done for generations.

By Paul Nelson

– The Jagged Word has done it again, we went out and got ourselves our very own bartender! Cheers! –

I have been invited to provide the Jagged Mafia with a weekly cocktail recipe. The fact that I’m an ordained minister as well as a licensed bartender should explain my interpretation of the Biblical stance on alcohol. It should also indicate my level of trust in pension plans and Social Security, but hey, that’s really another blog post all together. In the realm of distilled alcoholic beverages, my exegesis is: God made them possible. Let’s enjoy them responsibly.

By Daniel van Voorhis

So I wrote an article that made an impression with some, maybe a first impression. It was read understood, misunderstood, shared, defended, denounced, etc…. Lesson learned. I’m going to go safe and helpful today. This article is about impressions and first impressions, but on a different level (and one on which I am on decidedly firmer ground).

Scoff if you will, but your first impression of someone could be sullied by wrinkled shirts, flaky skin, oily hair, or scuffed shoes. So, using abbreviated and time-saving techniques can make you look sharp, without too much fuss.

By Caleb Keith

We live in what many call the information age. This label is in significant in part due to the large number of communication platforms upon which information can travel. While modern forms of communication are seemingly infinite, the skill with which we communicate seems to be falling apart. Text messages, status updates, and even blogs focus on distributing raw information rather than making the information compelling or powerful.

By Daniel van Voorhis

Greetings from rain drenched, El Niño battered Southern California. While the rest of the country is in its usual winter appropriate gear, we here are wondering if our UGGs are waterproof, bemoaning the possible hazards that water might bring to Awards season, and slowing to a crawl in our cars on the already worst freeways in the nation.