In Georges Bernanos’ 1926 novel Under the Sun of Satan (Sous le soleil de Satan), Mr Malorthy is described as knowing “very little about that superior form of cheek which the clever call cynicism.” Today cynicism seems like just about the only stance left for anyone to take. There is very little room, it seems, for the sincere and the unironic.

Why should you care about Jesus being tempted? I mean, it’s not like we didn’t know Jesus was going to be able to withstand the temptations of the Devil, Satan himself. It’s a no brainer – He’s God for crying out loud. God is stronger than any other force in the universe – he created it after all! Now I could try to convince you, “It’s because He wants to show you He went through trials and temptations just like you.” But even if I told you that, why should you still care? It doesn’t matter, because it’s not like he’s going through all the same stuff that you are right now – all of your suffering, all of your shame, your guilt, what others say about you and to your face, etc.