You Must Rule Over Her

She whispers softly.

He stands an arms-length away.

She calls again.

He holds his reasoned stay.


Its early in the eve, there’s little to fear

Nothing is changing for her around here.


He takes a step downward.

She swims to the other end.

He finally touches the water.

She looks back at this new-found friend.


Its early in the eve, the water appears clear

Nothing suspicious with her around here.


She wades a little deeper.

He follows her reckless path.

She lures him off the shoreline.

He’s committed to her wicked craft.


Its twilight in the eve, light becomes drear

Nothing is as it seems for her around here.


He sputters in the water.

She sees his hands flail to the sky

He gulps down the sour river

She hears him give up and die


Its dark in the eve, the story’s unclear.

Nothing makes sense for her around here.


She is soaked with death’s water

He lies in a crystal cold grave.

She is sick with a new knowledge

He died because she could not behave


Its dark in the eve, condemnation is near

Nothing will erase her sentence here.


He is silent and unmoving

She spends three days crying

He floats to the surface

She lurks three days hiding


Its dark in her heart, there is much to fear.

Nothing can protect her from herself here.


She was still sinning

He victoriously opened his eyes

She couldn’t rule over her own heart

He instead called her justified.


Its black in her heart, but there is nothing to fear.

Nothing can overcome what the Word does here.