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I’m sure for most of you this Friday is just another day in your blurry Christmas vacation so it doesn’t carry with it the same wonder and bliss of a Friday at the end of a long work week.  But for others (myself included) who had to go back to work after Christmas Day it is still a Friday and worthy of at least a small token of appreciation.

This Christmas season I have been reminded again of how much fun it is to give. Don’t get me wrong I love to receive, but I have to admit  that more and more I find great joy in the act of giving.  I hope you received some great gifts this year and gave some as well. It is fun to give, not just to help someone in need, sometimes it’s fun to give simply to brighten someone’s day.  Just imagine how happy I was when I opened a gift from some former parishioners and dears friends in Georgia that contained this:

Bacon Candle

That’s right it’s a bacon scented candle! How cool is that!

Now in case you were on the move too much and didn’t get to just relax this Christmas here is a little gift from me to you, enjoy: