A Jagged Word


Quote of the Day:

“Luther knew that only the proclamation – only the preached God, the living Word here and now – could save us from the God not preached, the absolute God. A Theology that intends to save us by attempting to remove or render the God not preached harmless in the system makes just the wrong move. It fails to recognize the nature of the battle for the human soul. It maintains that it can bind God not preached to the Word and so “save” us. It makes the fatal assumption that it can accomplish more than the living Word. Theology must recognize its limits. It must understand that only the concrete address, the “I absolve you,” the “I baptize you,” will save us from the threat of the absolute God. Absolution is the only solution to the problem of the absolute!”

– Gehrard O. Forde, “Theology Is for Proclamation” (28)