Who Cares?

LCMS Cross Burgundy with words

I have been asked a few times why we don’t spend much (if any) time on The Jagged Word discussing synodical or district issues in our church body. For our readers who are not part of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod just think church politics and organizational structures and you’ll get the sense of what I’m referring to. Now I could simply respond by saying that we actually have readers that are not part of the LC-MS so why spend any time on such issues but the real reason isn’t all that well thought out or ecumenical. I don’t dedicate much time to it because it is increasingly difficult to care about such things.


In thinking about what the Cantankerous Critic said yesterday about resolutions and vocation, I have realized that in understanding my vocation as a pastor to be first and foremost a preacher has had a dramatic impact on my concern and care for church politics.  It isn’t that I don’t think it matters, it’s just that I think it matters very little to my brothers and sisters to whom I have been sent to preach the Gospel. Since I have only a limited amount of time in the day to hone my craft it sure as hell isn’t going to be wasted deciphering the latest bureaucratic BS coming down the pipe.

If the Synod was to begin a conversation about the deplorable state of preaching today we would be ready to engage, if they were to makes some sort of radical stand against sacerdotalism (not just fun to say) on the one hand and enthusiasm on the other we would be all for it. But instead we will love them for what they do well, printing some good books and sending out missionaries and staying out of the daily realities of a congregation.

The Jagged Word is here to engage you, to examine our culture and try our best to figure out just what in the hell is going on in this crazy world and how all of this is impacted by the Gospel!

So if you’re looking for church politics look elsewhere, if your looking to jump into a fight that matters this is your place!