We’ve Done It Again!

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That’s right! The Jagged Word is expanding it’s influence and impact once again. Thanks to your continued engagement with us not only will we remain a place for a honest conversation about just what in the hell is going on in our world, now we will be able to give back in our own small and unique Jagged Word way.

I am proud to announce the newest member of The Jagged Word staff; most people know him as the Rev. Ross Engel, but we prefer to refer to him as “The Dean of Awesome.” He will be spearheading a new campaign to help all of our faithful readers to impact the well-being of a few pastors-to-be each year. Well I’ll just let him explain it himself.  I present to you The Dean of Awesome – Ross Engel:


“One of the greatest joys of attending the Symposia (and yes, Symposia is the plural of Symposium) that are put on by the two Seminaries of our Synod is getting together with good friends to enjoy the bond of brotherhood. To share in each other’s joys and burdens and to share conversations over a “few” glasses of whatever is being poured. If you haven’t read it already, ready Pr. Koch’s recent post titled, “Friendship.”

A second joy is meeting young men who are in the midst of pastoral formation, young men who are often in need of good mentors. These are men entrenched in the study of God’s Word who yearn to be faithful under-shepherds of our Lord’s flock.

Many of these young men head out to vicarages and then Calls still seeking that mentor or that faithful seasoned pastor who will listen to them and guide them away from things damaging to the bride of Christ. A pastor who will help cultivate them, expecting them to remain faithful to the Word, faithful to the Confessions, and faithful to their Ordination vows.


Always ready to lend a hand, The Jagged Word has decided to jump into the ring. Coming soon we will be starting an adopt-a-student program. Each year we will be seeking out a seminarian at each of the seminaries during their respective Symposia. We will get to know this young man; we’ll invite him to dinner or drinks. We’ll even buy a round for him and his friends. We will try and establish a relationship with him and encourage faithful service to our Lord’s church.

And here is where you can help. We will be setting up an account to collect funds. These funds will go directly to the seminarians that we “adopt.” They will receive a check from The Jagged Word within a few months of the Symposium most recently attended.  The check will come with the following instructions:

Upon accepting this we entrust you to follow these guidelines

1) Do not write us a thank-you card! You have better things to do! However if you can send a pic of you buying a neighbor a drink we would appreciate it.

2) This money cannot be spent for bills or loans

3) This money must be used for the following 2 things

    a) Drinks with your friends

    b) A book (or books) that will be beneficial to your pastoral formation

4) Spread the word about The Jagged Word and find us next year.

5) Know that you are not alone. Be faithful unto death!

This is your chance to help us adopt seminarians. To mentor them and support them as they prepare for the parish. This program is perfect if you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘self, I wish I could buy a seminarian a book and a beer.'”

Details will be coming soon so spread the word to all your friends and family, barely tolerated co-workers, the stranger at the end of the bar and even a few enemies! This should be a lot of fun!