Friday Getaway


What a week it has been for us here at The Jagged Word.  An incredible week of great posts from the stunning beauty of pondering Jesus as a Groundhog to contemplating the positives of mandatory military service and what it means to feel alone in a hyper connected world.  Add to that the addition of the Dean of Awesome to our family and his plan to help us give back a little and this week is simply exhausting.

But today my friends is Friday and Friday brings with it the hope and promise of relief  and rest from hustle and bustle of it all. Friday is the warm embrace of a longed for lover, it is the firm clasp of hands between old friends, it is the welcomed laugh that breaks the tension and allows us to drink deep of our Lord’s good and gracious gifts.


I hope you have a chance to get out of the house tonight and enjoy a break from the routine. Take a moment to toast the end of the work week and a buy a drink for a friend or even the stranger in the bar drinking alone. Don’t forget to find a reason to laugh out loud and when you do laugh so loud others will want to join you. Cheers!