God’s gifts are abundant and wonderful. For just when you make it through another week, you find the possibility of a night of relaxation, or fun, or romance awaiting you – or just maybe all three! Friday is here again, and whether it is a night our with friends, a warm bar stool and a few laughs, or fun with the kids, tonight is another opportunity to be generous.


Now I would like to offer you the opportunity to practice your generosity right here and now. We only have 10 more days left on our Bell Ringer’s Fund and I encourage you to make a donation. No it wont get you any self-righteous bonus points or benefit your karma or give you pious bragging rights but it will buy a drink for a seminary student and maybe a good book or two. Click on the Paypal button below and take a few moments to be generous; you can give any amount you would like!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Be sure to buy a drink for a neighbor if you head out this evening! Be safe and enjoy your Friday, Cheers!