Friday at last! I hope you have made your plans, I hope you will take some time to get away this evening. Get out and have a drink, buy one for your neighbor, hold your spouse’s hand and laugh away the work week.

Or call up some friends and start a poker game, that’s what I’m doing tonight!


Poker night is a great night, the stakes are low but sound of hearty male laughter booming through cigar smoke as we take turns insulting each other is a night not to be missed. For years I watched as my Dad would play poker with his neighborhood group and I always envied such a gathering. For many years since I left home I thought that it would be fun to starts such a group. And you know what it was that finally got this group together?

Well nothing at all special I just set a date and asked a couple of guys and it was done.  Within a few months the table was filled with good guys and now we almost have to be secretive about it to keep the numbers down to a manageable size. The point is – just do it! It’s Friday night no more excuses, go out a create some memories!

And here a a few videos to cheer you up while you make your evening plans!  Cheers!

In honor of the Noah movie!

What goes around…

And this is simply brilliant!