Time is Running Out!


That’s right my friends we are on the final weekend of collecting funds for our first ever Bell Ringer’s Fund. All monies donated by midnight on the 31st will be going to our adopt-a-seminarian. You can read about our first beneficiary here. As a refresher the seminarian will receive a check from The Jagged Word with the following instructions:

Upon accepting this we entrust you to follow these guidelines

1) Do not write us a thank-you card! You have better things to do! However if you can send a pic of you buying a neighbor a drink we would appreciate it.

2) This money cannot be spent for bills or loans

3) This money must be used for the following 2 things

a) Drinks with your friends

b) A book (or books) that will be beneficial to your pastoral formation

4) Spread the word about The Jagged Word and find us next year.

5) Know that you are not alone.

So please take a moment and click on the Paypal button below and make a donation of any amount you would like. Together we will spread some cheer and make an impact in our own unique way.

 Donate Button

And don’t forget to tell a friend or two as well. Spread the word and let’s help our seminarian ring the bell loud and often!

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