Friday’s are for Friends


Again and again in my life I have been reminded of just what a gift a good friend is. I have written about friendship before and don’t want to rehash it all here but lets just say that we ought to make sure we take time to celebrate our friends. As you come to the end of your work week and your thoughts drift from the task at hand to what the night might possibly hold, you can be pretty sure that whatever it is a friend can only make it better.

Laughter is more robust, bar-stools are warmer, and smiles are more sincere when a friend is present. If you haven’t spent much time with your friend lately tonight is a great opportunity to catch up. Maybe it is an old buddy, a new acquaintance or that wonderful person you married all those years ago. Invite them out to your local pub or take them to a movie.  Friday is a good day for friends.


There is no doubt that our world is full of horrible news and terrible tragedies. And sometimes in our quest to figure out just what in the hell is going on we loose sight of the good and rich blessings of this world. So take the night off, relax and rejoice in the rich gifts of your good and gracious God.


This ones for you Tim!