A Jagged Word


“When a person is baptized he is baptized that he may die and rise again and thereby be delivered out of the power of Satan, become a healthy man, redeemed for that life for which man was destined and for the realization of which Israel was chosen. In his own person he experiences the history of humanity, which Israel passed through and whose end is the resurrection of Christ, so far as we are concerned the resurrection of the dead, that future toward which we are on our way. Christ passed through baptism himself, through the Red Sea, when he died and rose again. We leave Egypt and are redeemed by water when we are baptized. For that reason, like Israel we receive food and drink as we journey on. The food of the Lord’s Supper is food for the desert journey, manna from the ground and water out of a rock (1 Cor. 10.1-4). Just as the Creator conquered at the Red Sea and in the death and resurrection of Jesus, so it was also the Creator who gave life to Israel on the journey through the desert. Our baptism is a part of the conflict which the God who created us and whole world wages.”

– Gustaf Wingren, “The Living Word” (155)