Friday and a Tweet


As The Jagged Word continues to grow we have been asked to make it easier for people to stay in touch and share the conversation. As we endeavor to understand what the hell is going on we know that the more participants in the conversation the better. So The Jagged Word has now entered the twitter-sphere! Follow us and share with your friends, neighbors, crazy uncles, and even the unsavory folks at your neighborhood bar.



Now once you follow us on Twitter it’s time to take in the wonder and joy of Friday! Yes, we have made it once again through another week.  Another week of responsibilities. Another week of children and laundry and dishes. Another week of being too busy to spend time with the ones you really want to see. But today is Friday and Friday is the soothing calm you need to recuperate after such a week.


Make an extra effort tonight to find yourself on a comfortable, well broken in, bar stool. Bring along a friend or two or make a few new ones. If your married make sure you get out with your spouse and have some fun. Slide down to your neighborhood pub and sing along with the jukebox or take a risk on the dance floor. And don’t forget to spread the cheer, buy a neighbor a drink just to see them smile!


Apparently there is something pretty exciting going on in Brazil these days, so I offer the following clips as my contribution to the wonder of the World Cup. Cheers!