A Jagged Word


“This was truly a remarkable duel, when the Law, a creature, came into conflict with the Creator, exceeding its every jurisdiction to vex the Son of God with the same tyranny with which it vexed us, the sons of wrath (Eph. 2:3).  Because the Law has sinned so horribly and wickedly against its God, it is summoned to the court and accused.  Here Christ says: ‘Lady Law, you empress, you cruel and powerful tyrant over the whole human race, what did I commit that you accused, intimidated, and condemned Me in My innocence?’ Here the Law, which once condemned and killed all men, has nothing with which to defend or cleanse itself.  Therefore it is condemned and killed in turn, so that it loses its jurisdiction not only over Christ—whom it attacked and killed without any right anyway—but also over all who believe in Him.  Here Christ says (Matt.11:28): ‘Come to Me, all who labor under the yoke of the Law.  I could have overcome the Law by My supreme authority, without any injury to Me; for I am the Lord of the Law, and therefore it has no jurisdiction over Me.  But for the sake of you, who were rendered under the Law, I assumed your flesh and subjected Myself to the Law.  That is, beyond the call of duty I went down into the same imprisonment, tyranny, and slavery of the Law under which you were serving as captives.  I permitted the Law to lord it over Me, its Lord, to terrify Me, to subject Me to sin, death, and the wrath of God—none of which it had any right to do.  Therefore I have conquered the Law by a double claim: first, as the Son of God, the Lord of the Law; secondly, in your person, which is tantamount to you having conquered the Law yourselves.'”

 – Martin Luther, “Lectures on Galatians 1-4″ (370)