Hello Friday!


Well here we are again! We’ve made it through yet another week and Friday is upon us. So hold your heads high my friends for Friday is a day unlike any other, Friday is a day of promise and hope. Friday is a day where you can push back from your work, it is a day when you can reconnect with your spouse and cherish a night out. Friday is made for laughter and romance and beauty.


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t made any plans, make them now. If you need to call for a babysitter, do it! Stop into your favorite bar tonight to have a cocktail and even play a few favorites on the jukebox. Tell stories of the good-ol-days and make sure you laugh out loud. And don’t be afraid to spread the cheer, buy a neighbor a drink for no good reason and watch them smile as they lift their glass! Trust me it will do you good to take advantage of the gift that is Friday night!  Cheers!!

A few fun clips to get you warmed up!