A Jagged Word


“Preaching proclaims a message. The message is from God. God wants to tell men about the life which He has for them as a gift. As men are born into the world they do not have this life. Preaching tells of God’s gift of life, which He gives to men through His Son Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross and rose again that men might live.

“Preaching does more than tell of this gift of life. It gives it. Through preaching God tells of His life to the world, but more: through preaching God gives Himself to the world.

“Hence the preacher is God’s tool to restore God’s life in people. Preaching utters words. Yet when it is truly preaching, it is the Word of God to man and the power of God at work in man.”

– Richard R. Caemmere, “Preaching for the Church” (1)