Here’s to Friday!


Once again we have made it! The end of the week is upon us and all the glorious possibilities of Friday night have arrived. Tonight is a time for toasting. That’s right our growing Jagged Word family needs to head off into the warm and dimly lit bars of our country and raise a glass and make a toast.

Now what you toast is up to you. Perhaps you might offer a toast to the babysitter who came over at the last moment so you could sneak off with your lover for a few cocktails. Maybe you will be toasting good health or good friends or good and gracious God that allows us to experience delightful things like Rye whisky.


I for one will be raising my glass to friendship. I offer a toast to the blessing and strength that comes through those few people that are my friends. The honesty, forgiveness and love of a true friend make life far more richer than I could have imagined.

So whatever you toast make it bold and strong and then drink deep of our God’s good gifts. And while you’re out don’t forget to buy a neighbor a drink. He just might offer a toast to you in return.