A Jagged Contention: The Sacraments


“Lutheran theology holds that the sacraments are not ‘signs’ of a partially absent Christ, but the Person of Jesus Christ – standing there at full stature, who uses created things to break into sinners in the here-and-now-life lived under Sin’s dominion in the Aeon of Adam. Sacraments are therefore not windows through which we seek to see divine things residing in the Spiritual world, nor are they ‘testimonies’ to us of God’s hidden, internal workings of election prior to the sacraments. They are specific masks of God’s words in the world (larva dei), used by God to make faith by bestowing Christ’s benefits – himself.”

– Steven D. Paulson, “Lutheran Theology” (168-169)


If this confession of the sacraments as a here-and-now presence of Christ is not embraced in the church today what will happen to a believers assurance?

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