America, you are not Charlie!

By Joel Hess

golden globes je suis charlie

This morning I read a review of the recent Golden Globe awards show which led with a picture of someone holding a ‘Je suis Charlie’ sign. Well, that’s the thing to do these days. Oh yes, we are all Charlie Hebdo.  Never heard of the magazine before the shooting, but by golly I bought a t-shirt, put it on my Facebook page, and told the world when I received a golden (meaningless/irrelevant) globe for doing something a girl named ‘honeybooboo’ can do.

Sorry America you are not Charlie.  Especially you Hollywood types who bravely speak behind your body guards and Mercedes. You do not stand behind free speech, free thinking, open conversation, etc.  You only speak when your master gives you lines.


You see, in America we would never actually kill someone who drew an offensive cartoon. Especially if it’s an offensive cartoon we agree with. You know, one that makes fun of religion and conservative stuff, etc.  That’s ok. That’s rebellious, progressive and avant garde.  However, if you state a logical and even scientific argument against same sex marriage, or the requirement of companies to provide birth control, or the inhumanity of stabbing babies in the brains moments before they come out of the womb: well, just watch yourself.  Now you have gone too far!  How dare you! You might as well have assaulted the publishing offices of a minor insignificant cartoon company in France.

No, we won’t kill you! How medieval.

We will, however, get you fired from your job, send you to diversity sensitivity training, call you a hate monger, shut down your business, and accuse you of inciting people to kill.

You, America, are not Charlie; you fools walking on red carpets. You are the shooters, the radical militants, the closers of minds. You are the enemies of democracy, even the freedom of speech, which you hold so precious.

You are more effectively closing down free speech in this country than ISIS could ever imagine.