Dear Christians, Capitalism is not your Friend

By Joel Hess


For some time conservative Christianity has been an either direct or indirect friend, even promoter of capitalism. Many factors have combined to produce this odd kinship. In the last 70 years conservative Christians probably take capitalism’s side because its arch enemy – communism – requires atheism. This allegiance is also likely due to the false teaching of “free will” held by many conservative Christians, which they then see played out economically in the free market. Finally the tight connection between the two might be due to that famous or infamous puritan work ethic that seems run in the American Christians’ blood. I am sure others have researched this far better than me and can come up with many other reasons. Yet without a doubt, whether on purpose or not, capitalism and conservative Christianity have been good friends since the founding of this country.

Well it’s time to say goodbye. It was fun enjoying your support, Mr. Capitalist, but it turns out you weren’t really ever Christianity’s friend. Because capitalism has no friends. It favors no morality or worldview. It has no higher cause. You cannot count on it beyond feeding its own face. Capitalism does whatever its master wants. You are mistaken to think that the master is the business owner. Oh no, it is the consumer. That’s what made it so successful. It had no allegiance to agendas, but the whims of people. Therefore, its success oftentimes leads to the success of not only the top guy but to those in the middle on down. Yes, I know trickle down/flash flood economics. That’s not the point. Capitalism, like democracy, relies on people. And unfortunately, people are bad.

So today we see Walmart, Coca Cola, and many other large contributors to republican/capitalist/Christian politicians begin to parade “pride” and remove workers who disagree. It isn’t because they have changed their worldview. It is because they never had one. Have you seen the list of supporters to Planned Parenthood, by the way? You see most businesses just want to sell widgets to whomever. Yes I know, there are some businesses who enjoy a leader who cares more about virtue than making money. But they are few and far between.


Ironically Mr. Christian Capitalist, your sworn enemy – the socialist liberal – has been telling you this for some time! Capitalism does not care about the common good. Although the left blames the rich 1% who wants to force his or her view points down people’s throats. They forgot that the masses can act like brainless idiots just the same. In fact it is frighteningly ironic that while the left often blamed the rich business owners for promoting their conservative worldview over and against the will of the people, today it is the reverse!  They don’t care about anything except selling widgets!

The great companies that benefit from Republican, pro free market, and often times Christian politicians have now become the axe handle that delivers the blade upon the Church’s head. If Christianity is no longer cool and creates bad press and therefore low sales, then goodbye Christianity. That’s a no brainer in your precious free market. The horse the Church has been riding was a rental and is now returning to its true master – the highest bidder.


Once again Christians must learn that the world, economic systems, and x-form of government was never their friend. Like King Herod to John, the world will hand over your head on a platter when its master calls.

Once again, the Church is forced to remember that our hope is not in any government, economic theory, or politician, but Christ who thankfully did not come to establish a free market place of ideas where we can choose to buy his cheap shitty widgets. Instead He came to free slaves, buying them with His body and blood, and removing the chains around our neck. He came and started a revolution of life amidst death. He came to awaken man from the sleep caused by the Devil’s illusion that we are free and sovereign if we follow our desires, even though our desires mark the confines of our cell and the length of our very chains. Awake, O sleeper!