Best Tech Gifts this Christmas

By Caleb Keith


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and if you are anything like me, you still haven’t finished the Christmas shopping checklist. Tech is home to some of the most popular gifts, but it can be an area that is hard to navigate. Here is my tech top 5 to help you navigate the tech aisle these last two weeks before Christmas. Tech can be excessive and expensive, so I am keeping this list to items under $500.

  1. PlayStation4

The PS4 is a fantastic choice for the gamer in your life. This console can play the hottest A+ games as well as stream Netflix, Hulu, and a whole cast of other video content straight to your TV. The PS4’s dual shock controller in my experience is superior to the rival, Xbox One, and when fired up on the big screen it tends to have better real world graphics performance.  Some of the Black Friday deals are hanging around with some big discounts on bringing the price to around $300 for a console plus one game.

  1. Go Pro Hero 4 Session

This little action camera shoots impressive video. The Session is smaller in size than the typical Go Pro making it easier to mount and less obtrusive than its bigger brother. It also comes in at a lower price point starting around $200. If you have somebody who loves to be outdoors, riding, sliding, or tumbling around this is a perfect gift.


  1. A Digital Copy of Being Dad

A great book on fatherhood and God’s grace. Being Dad is an easy read with a big punch. This book is not a “how to,” but is rather an exhortation on the magic of fatherhood and a picture of how God uses fathers. The digital version can be found on amazon for $4, making it the most accessible gift on this list.

  1. Sphero App Controlled BB-8

Star Wars fans young and old will love this RC rendition of the new droid. Its spherical shape makes it fun and easy to roll around the house. Additionally, the app contorted version allows the user to program certain functions with little to no effort. At $150 it’s a little pricey, but this great toy will be fun for the whole family.

  1. Apple Watch

I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch since May, and I am still in love with the little device. Revive alerts, send texts, make calls, track fitness data, get up to date weather… Oh, and did I mention it’s a watch too? The Apple Watch looks great and comes in a variety of colors and options. It only works for those with iPhones and the price is the highest on this list starting at $349. If your budget allows it, this is a great pick.


Well, that’s it my tech top 5 of Christmas. There are plenty of other great gifts out there that aren’t tech related. Many of which can be found at the 1517 Legacy store, including the great book Being Dad. If you consider buying any of the gifts on my list or if you buy any other tech gifts this holiday season, please consider signing up for Amazon Smile with the link below. When you sign up, .05% percent of qualifying purchases will be donated to 1517 The Legacy Project. The Jagged word is a project of 1517, and your support helps maintain The Jagged Word as well as 1517’s other projects. If you would like to support 1517 and prefer not to use Amazon Smile you can always donate directly at

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