Along the Stone Path

By Caleb Keith


Alas, it is finals week, and a very abnormal schedule has gotten in the way of my typical blog writing time. So instead, of a typical article, I am going to recycle my final project for CCI 303 Teaching the Faith. For this project, students were directed to explain what teaching the faith means in the format of their choice. I decided to write a short story, an allegory of sorts. I hope you enjoy.

Along the stone path, a young man stumbled towards the horizon. The uneven path hurt his feet and so he picked up his pace in order to get off the path sooner. But, in his rushing, the stones caused him to stumble and fall. The man knew the stone road was the only path to his destination, yet he looked longingly to the left yearning to walk in the seemingly smooth dirt that ran alongside the path. He began to step off course when a voice from behind yelled at him to stop. From behind him, a figure soon came into sight, an older man who was now grabbing his arm pulled the young man back onto the path. The old man explained that while the dirt may look soft, it is full of hidden holes that swallow up any who walk there. The young man then thanked the old man and continued along the rough stones.


Some ways down the path the young man once again became weary, though remembering the old man’s warning he dared not look at the sand. Instead, he looked to his right where there now stood a lake. He decided to sit a minute and cool his tired feet in the water. As his feet splashed in the water, he heard a young woman scream “NO!”.  She ran down the path and once she reached him tugged at his shoulders forcing his feet and legs out of the water. At that instant, a serpent shot up from beneath the surface his jaws wide open. The young woman had no need to warn the man any longer: the hidden danger of the lake was now right before their eyes. The serpent swam off, and the woman warned the man that greater dangers than the serpent lay ahead if the man departs from the road.

As the young man continued his journey, the words of both the woman and the old man rang clear. Even when the terrain changed along the road, he knew the un-even road was the only safe passage. He could now see his destination glowing in the distance and was eager to enter the city gates. He walked for hours, but the city did not seem to get any closer. Again he became weary looking for some quicker way to the city. He sat to ponder a new route when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to find a man his own age who looked exhausted from his journey as well. When the two finally met, they discussed their journeys and shared stories of their own experiences veering off the trail. The two began walking as their conversation continued; until suddenly the young men realized their journey was complete. The gate of the bright city swept open, and they rushed in off the path and into the light.