Five Things I Won’t Care About in Three Days

Touch of love

By Caleb Keith

As many of the good readers may know, my wife Erika and I are about to have our first child. This incredible moment, which I have been not-so patiently waiting for, will be a sure reality come the end of this week. So instead of something technological or theological, I have prepared a laughable list of 5 luxuries in my life that the good Dr. Keith (soon to be Grand Pappy Keith) has assured me I will not care about once my daughter is born.

  1. In three days, I will most certainly not care about my Apple Watch strap matching my shoes.
  1. In three days, I will no longer care if my car hasn’t been washed in the last week.
  1. In three days, I will not care about any of the games on my PlayStation.
  1. In three days, I will not care about my shirt being ironed before I go to school in the morning.
  1. In three days, I will not care about my coffee being locally roasted, freshly ground, properly measured, or brewed in a craft method.

While I may no longer care about any of the luxuries above, I will care about a whole lot of things I’ve never even dealt with before, such as my daughter receiving, food, sleep, or cleaning. I am sure with time the ridiculous luxuries that I thoroughly enjoy will come back into my world. For now, it is time to laugh at myself and focus on the significant change to come. Thank you, Grand Pappy Keith, for this marvelous revelation.