The Thinking Fellows Podcast

By Caleb Keith

Just three months ago, I started producing the Thinking Fellows podcast. The main idea behind the show came from the good Dr. Scott Keith, who wanted to start a podcast that put a voice to 1517’s thinking fellowship. The Thinking Fellowship is a group of academic and pastoral theologians who were trained by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. Dr. Keith’s idea was fantastic, but he had no idea how to produce or publish a podcast. That’s where I came in. The Thinking Fellows started in Dr. Keith’s garage with some spare recording equipment and limited knowledge. Episode’s one through three were recorded in one swift Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, they were plagued by prevalent audio issues. Despite these problems, 300 people listened to episode one in the first 48 hours alone. Around episode five, the Thinking Fellows had new audio equipment donated, and the quality of the show improved significantly. Since then, the show has acquired 1500 active listeners.

The Thinking Fellows is hosted by Drs. Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, and Adam Francisco. The goal of the show is to discuss theology, history, and apologetics with Christ and his saving work at the forefront. As the producer, I have been blessed to hear that this Christ-centered message has been an extreme blessing to many people. If you have not listened to the show, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. Below I will link both one of my favorite episodes and the Thinking Fellows website so that the readers here can check it out.

The Thinking Fellows and other projects at 1517 Legacy, such as the Jagged Word and the Virtue in the Wasteland, are supported by the donations of readers and listeners like you. Currently, 1517 the Legacy project is attempting to improve the online presence of the Thinking Fellows and Virtue in the Wasteland podcasts. To make improvements to the show and its reach, we need your help. Please consider visiting, which is the donation portal for 1517 Legacy and all of its projects. With your support, the Thinking Fellows will continue to improve, bringing Christ and the Gospel to more people each episode. If you have any feedback about the show, please feel free to leave it in the comments section of this article or email

Episode 10. The Will