It Ain’t Love If He Brings A Glove

By Joel A. Hess

There’s nothing like getting ready for Advent and Christmas as I watch my son play basketball and glance at a poster that says, “no glove, no love.” People whined about the decline of civilization as they forced themselves to vote for either Hilary or Trump. Well, Western civilization doesn’t need a push from either. It’s sliding downhill like Lindsey Vonn.

For those blessed enough not to know the meaning of the phrase “no glove, no love,” let me play Pandora. Glove equals condom. Get it? While the outright promotion of condoms among minors should be considered child sex abuse, I am more angered by the abuse of the word love! These ignorant baboons should not be allowed to play with such a precious word, a word these kids need to know the true meaning of in order to survive. Love is more than sex. Love between a man and woman begins with marriage. I’m not saying that because I’m a prude or religious. If a person cannot stand up publicly and swear that he will never leave the woman standing in front of him, then he does not love her. It’s really that simple. You can’t get around it. That’s why marriage is not just a Christian event. It is an act of love that takes a lot more balls than just using them for sex. As I tell my confirmands, “Don’t do a thing until you see that ring.” Now I suppose I will have to say “It ain’t love if he brings a glove!”  Because, for the most part, if your ‘lover’ has to wear a condom, he ain’t that committed. He’s hedging his bet. He’s preparing for a way out. Either he doesn’t want the relationship to last long enough to produce kids, or he doesn’t want to get whatever you have. Yes, I know some couples have real reasons to not have kids, so of course they may very well with good conscious enjoy contraception.


Meanwhile, everyone decries the bad part of our over-sexed, love-confused culture (sexual assault, rape, porn addiction, Trump’s crude remarks, etc.). All the while, the state giddily promotes violence through its own brand of parochial schooling, selling vice for virtue and morality founded in reason for one founded in the underdeveloped emotion of a teenager. Therefore, kids grow up treating people like animals because they learned from people who were supposed to be their instructors in truth. It’s a teenage wasteland! And we can’t say anything about it because that is considered anathema in our new state religion. But, by golly, you will be forced to pay for it.

So, kids are left fatherless, motherless, and godless as adults use their gloves to chase something they think is love. Therefore, just as Mother Teresa told America concerning their unwanted babies at a prayer breakfast in the 90s, the Church says to all of you orphans of our culture, broken and unwanted, abused and abuser—come here! We’ll take you! We love you. More importantly, God loves you! Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom who loves you, is so committed to us, even as adulterous as we are, that he laid down His life for us! Like the leper, He is not afraid of touching you, saving you, forgiving you, and raising you! That is love! That is commitment!

Come, you who are tired and weary, and I will give you rest! I am so very tired! Come Lord Jesus.