Drink of the Week: Old-Fashioned

Rounding out the the Holy Trinity of whiskey drinks is the Old Fashioned (Sazeracs and Manhattans being the other two).  Personally, I think the Old Fashioned is more work than the effort warrants, and I’d much rather have a Manhattan.  Others really enjoy the fruitier edge the Old Fashioned offers (fruitier edge – is that even possible?!).  Regardless, offer enough drinks to enough people and somebody will ask for one of these so it’s good to have in your wheelhouse.  And if you’re going to make it, go ahead and do the work.  Maybe you’ll get a better tip!

  • 1 orange slice
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Angostura bitters
  • Whiskey (rye or bourbon whichever you prefer)
  • Cherries & orange rind to garnish

Place a slice of orange in the bottom of a glass (there’s actually a glass called the Old Fashioned glass, but a rocks glass / collins glass will work as well).  Place the sugar cube on top of this, and then put three shakes of Angostura bitters over the sugar.  Use a spoon or muddler to grind the sugar and orange and bitters together into a mushy, delicious mess.  Add the whiskey and stir well.  Add ice if you really need to.  A cherry and a bit of spiraled orange rind on top makes for a nice garnish.

There are lots of different bitters out there so feel free to experiment.  I like orange bitters in this drink to accentuate the orange flavor.  The important thing is to make it clear that this took a lot of time and effort and that in the future whoever you made it for would be far better off going with a Manhattan.  Enjoy!