Law, Gospel and Friendship

By Caleb Keith

Dear Jagged Mafia,

I let the month of February get the best of me. I was bummed out by some pastoral harassment and overwhelmed by the beginning of a new semester. I let these two things feed into my natural laziness, but it’s time to shake off the slump. With that in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the last two episodes of the Thinking Fellows podcast. On these two fantastic shows, the fellows and I were joined by none other than the Jagged Word’s very own Pastor Koch. On recording day, we enjoyed fine whiskey and pipe smoke while talking about friendship and preaching the Law and the Gospel. I personally believe that these are some of the best episodes we have ever recorded.

In episode 57, Paul brings both his experience as a preacher and the teaching of some the best seminary professors to authoritatively lay out the job of a preacher.  In episode 58, Paul and Scott talk about their nearly twenty years of friendship and the necessity of having true friends. Both of these topics are extremely relevant to the problems Christians face in our postmodern world. If you have never listened to the show, today is a perfect time to start. For readers of The Jagged Word, the Thinking Fellows adds another Gospel-centered resource focused on education and lay-level instruction for evangelism and apologetics. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.

Episode 57: Preaching the Law and the Gospel

Episode 58: Friendship