The Jagged Word Moves to Washington, D.C.

By Graham Glover

That’s right, with authors currently in Florida, California, Michigan, Washington, Illinois, and Arkansas, and readers located around the world, the Jagged Word will soon be represented in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.!

In a day and age when our civil, especially, but also our theological discourse is at a crossroads, living and working in the epicenter of the American experiment should prove to be an interesting endeavor. For so many reasons, D.C. represents everything that is right and wrong about America. It embodies our best attributes and our worst characteristics. It is America in all its glory. And soon, the Jagged Word will be buried deep in the belly of its bureaucracy.

I’m curious to see if D.C. is as the pundits, columnists, bloggers, and basically everyone who opines about politics believes it is – or if it, despite its flaws, truly is the heart of our great democratic republic. Like all of us, I want America to be great. Like some, I think it can be better. Like others, I think it has never stopped being so. Now, I’ll get to see it firsthand. I’ll get to breathe it, consume it, live it. And I couldn’t be more excited about the challenge and humbled by the opportunity.

We here at the Jagged Word like to stir the pot, and I’m sure that pot is about to be stirred in ways it never has…